Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer - Synthwave Beats to Vibe to

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Destiny 2

Rick Bellamy
Rick Bellamy 3 күн мурун
Crucible maps pls!!!!!!!!!!
Wyrith 11 күн мурун
Vibe goes beyond your understanding.
Malik Daniel
Malik Daniel 12 күн мурун
They always manage to tie the original destiny theme into all of their music its incredible
Fatebringer 12 күн мурун
Came for a hidden message from Savathun, stayed for the vex beats.
Billy Heart
Billy Heart 14 күн мурун
Bungie is like the campaign team for an elderly democratic liberal career politician Oh wait
Andromeda 1349
Andromeda 1349 25 күн мурун
The vex sure know how to make some boppin music
Dennis Blake Nichols
Dennis Blake Nichols 26 күн мурун
I've been calling it Season of the Synthwave as soon as I saw the first trailer.
that’s gotta hurt dude
that’s gotta hurt dude 26 күн мурун
Wait, what if the vex milk is expired already and you drink some? I’m, uhhh, asking for a friend.😳
R2green3 26 күн мурун
reminder to everyone that the vex become completely docile when in the presence of heavy metal, because they really dig it, and thats cannon
Adamka-1 27 күн мурун
Ya'll gonna release the solstice trailer on time?
Shirley Timple
Shirley Timple 28 күн мурун
Yo, expunge is tedious garbage that is not fun. Do better.
Ghost Animal
Ghost Animal 28 күн мурун
I love this beat and I love destiny
Addi P
Addi P 29 күн мурун
My fireteam jokes about how happy I get when we hear this music, but it’s honestly some of my favorite game music.
Yah Boy
Yah Boy Ай мурун
huh I wonder where that final track could play? Maybe a boss fight of some kind? Hmmm...
james noodles
james noodles Ай мурун
this is cool but, stop doing this stuff and get a fucking anti cheat already
Netherite Pickaxe
Netherite Pickaxe Ай мурун
Bungle please have a crucible map in the vex network
F1SHY D4FAULT Ай мурун
I hate you bungie you robbed marty
Tudor z Tudor z
Tudor z Tudor z Ай мурун
I play 5 years end i Like this game forsaken shadowkeep beyond light Red war warmind
RAGEMODE115 Ай мурун
Just saying, never heard no synthwave that sounded like this. This really isnt synth. Sorry if that upsets anyone. Have a good day and dont mind my opinion too much.😄😁
Spectre Ай мурун
sounds like terraria music.
Enclave soldier wearing tesla power armor
Enclave soldier wearing tesla power armor Ай мурун
They need to add an exotic scout rifle that's a literal m1 grand. I want that PING.
Erionar Isen
Erionar Isen Ай мурун
After listening to this, I now have a sudden urge to re-listen Portal 2 soundtrack (for the 1000th time).
Andrew Ай мурун
Bungie missed the mark not making this a crucible map 😓
Requis Ай мурун
Man this isn’t beats to vibe to this more like beats to listen to while burning down the hospital
BranchyGiraffe Ай мурун
Quria better watch out because the jams just got better
Mihai Gheorghe
Mihai Gheorghe Ай мурун
If you slow it down doesn't it sound a bit like Savathun's song?
Dodger Monster
Dodger Monster Ай мурун
please new crucible maps
StoneVader Ай мурун
Savathun type beat
Spades_prime Ай мурун
is there gonna be an exotic quest this season
horror world
horror world Ай мурун
Vex: make cool synthwave music Praksis, Atrax, and Taniks: this is some music $h!t.
SubFlow22 Ай мурун
All you need to know about this game: You will spend hundreds of hours grinding gear. You will take a break. You will come back and all your gear will be useless. This game does not value continuity enough to invest time or money into it. This game will waste your life, literally.
Nathan p
Nathan p 23 күн мурун
Sun setting has been gone for months bro
Dewdus Maximus
Dewdus Maximus Ай мурун
The beginning is reminiscent of Bruce Faulconer DBZ music.
Yuri Hunt-Talbot
Yuri Hunt-Talbot Ай мурун
As much as I love it, the music gives me anxiety. I’m a bit too underleveled for expunge 😔
WillThisPlatformwork Ай мурун
'No' -Me right now
Matt Salopek
Matt Salopek Ай мурун
this makes me insanely happy
Brendan Bush
Brendan Bush Ай мурун
I mean, its not the best synthwave I've heard, but I did say I wanted synthwave made by bungie. I currently have a spotify playlist called "OVERRIDE://synth.wav" for when I'm playing override missions (also Im kinda proud of the pun synth.wav because a .wav file is a type of audio file lol)
Brendan Bush
Brendan Bush Ай мурун
Also it sounds really good at 1.25 speed
Yikes Mhmm
Yikes Mhmm Ай мурун
you ruined my life
Justin Gamble
Justin Gamble Ай мурун
Any chance this can be thrown on to Spotify?!
Keith Hedlund
Keith Hedlund Ай мурун
The missed oppurtunity for "Synthweave beats to vibe to" hurts me
banana_hunter243 Ай мурун
I said it once and I’ll say it again whenever it’s necessary. Destiny + synthwave = the perfect combination
TheDocDank Ай мурун
Ultra sun and moon vibes
ChefJay667 Ай мурун
All we need now is a 1 hour and 10 hour version and we’d be *GOLDEN*
Lord Ao
Lord Ao Ай мурун
Yesssss how bout a few
barfyman362 Ай мурун
Aryan Bilakhia
Aryan Bilakhia Ай мурун
Harry Wardle
Harry Wardle Ай мурун
and here's even more synthwave,
WhitWolf Ай мурун
Vex: Well take the city but give you these sweet beats Me: …fair enough.
MrRedAnimations Ай мурун
public class vibe { public void main (String[] argali) { boolean vibe = true; If (vibe == true) { System.out.println(“Vibes”); } } }
Eric Bright
Eric Bright Ай мурун
Helios, A E S T H E T I C Mind
SPJDERR Ай мурун
ok but i need a full 1 hour ost pls
Evedoeswarcrimes Ай мурун
More live action trailers or.. Uh Im gonna use a shotgun in crucible
Eliot Hoffman
Eliot Hoffman Ай мурун
This season is so amazing 😍
Aryan Bilakhia
Aryan Bilakhia Ай мурун
Wither Ай мурун
got to love how in on the memes bungie is.
the Mothman
the Mothman Ай мурун
Lofi Hip Hop Beats to raid the Vault of Glass to
ForrestTheBoar Ай мурун
The music in these games has consistently been on point. Hopefully the Beyond Light expansion OST gets put up on Spotify, including the Season of The Splicer tracks
xX-UwU-Xx Ай мурун
Ayo this shit poppin
Giffy_Mcgee Ай мурун
Yknow bungie, this atmosphere would be great for that long range crucible map people have been asking for.
morgan priest
morgan priest Ай мурун
This season confirms my suspicions that the vex like synthwave
Artificial Ruby
Artificial Ruby Ай мурун
The Vex having a party out here.
Patsonical Ай мурун
Ah yes, Bungie, the music company! Seriously tho, after hearing Athanasia and Deep Stone Lullaby I am convinced Beyond Light was just a $40 album with a free video game expansion attached
Carter Nichols
Carter Nichols Ай мурун
Should’ve been named ‘Beats to collapse the vex network to’
Hargreaves Ай мурун
Music of spheres: epic, beautiful music. D2 season of the splicer: beep beep boop
Connor Bright
Connor Bright Ай мурун
YOoooooooo When your favorite game comes out with a music mix of your favorite genre of music
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams Ай мурун
*Summons Bakengangsta*
Gilameir-4 Ай мурун
Dang thanks for the vibe destiny But man I kinda miss those vex singers from GOS who's singing em Harpies? Oh harpies would be perfect Hobgobs I can see Minotaurs?
Okruma Ай мурун
That last song... wonder where it'll play... hmmmm
Tom Magee
Tom Magee Ай мурун
I vibed
Miku Ай мурун
New PvP maps please
Starzaria Guy
Starzaria Guy Ай мурун
Gettin some Portal vibes from this.
Gilgamesh Ай мурун
The beginning reminds me of the BF4 / BF3 themes
Szsubzero91 _1
Szsubzero91 _1 Ай мурун
This is cool but i just spent 3 hours hearing D1 music it was so full of wonder amazement tranquility despair it was magical this just is in another direction
Thoroboyo Derek W.
Thoroboyo Derek W. Ай мурун
what heppens if like every gaurdian just doesn't do the season campaign anymore? does d2 server just go down because we failed to save the last city?
Madrugada SR2
Madrugada SR2 Ай мурун
So is like Cozmo or dmg in charge of the YT channel? Cause if they are that makes sense
Jenny Mc Grory
Jenny Mc Grory Ай мурун
Imagine a 6v6 sniper only crucible playlist on that map with that music blaring in the background with shaxx shouting “This is AMAZING!!”
FreshVexMilk Ай мурун
can we get a 1 hour version pls
Xanny_Levi Ай мурун
this is what bungie is doing instead of fixing their anti cheat
Wesley Wells
Wesley Wells Ай мурун
The sound design is fantastic
J Kili
J Kili Ай мурун
I’m getting some Tron Legacy feels, and I love it.
piplup2009 Ай мурун
I love love love love synthwave
ItzzAdam Ай мурун
Mario Ай мурун
Why do they take away the adventures? Now I have to buy ahuevo the dlc to be able to play the gooes
Wolfemperor_N Ай мурун
When we fight quira I hope this plays in the background
Shade Unimpressed Sensai
Shade Unimpressed Sensai Ай мурун
Beginning sounds like terminator lmao
Grundle Demon
Grundle Demon Ай мурун
when your online class is "trying new test methods"
inktoxicant Ай мурун
One of my favorite parts of Destiny will always be the use of various leitmotifs throughout their compositions
Benjamin Altube
Benjamin Altube Ай мурун
I misread Synthwave as Synthweave and got pissed for a moment lmao
William Bealey
William Bealey Ай мурун
r/raid secrets are searching this video, you already know.
Corruptinator Ай мурун
Synthwave? Why not *VEXWAVE* ? This song is awesome by the way.
Eddie Ramos
Eddie Ramos Ай мурун
Synthwave vibe>beyond light soundtrack
RobotNinja Ай мурун
Me chilling in the Vex network while Savathun is starting a civil war in the city:
Damon D
Damon D Ай мурун
" Keep this mix going while helping save the Last City from certain doom." I don't know how I can protect the Last city from our enemies when the Vanguard is literally letting the enemies in
Damon D
Damon D 24 күн мурун
@Google Account FWC is entirely justified in all their decisions
Google Account
Google Account Ай мурун
And the FWC, despite protesting allowing the fallen in, are allowing the VEX in. This season might as well already be the City's doom.
Tyler Boisvert
Tyler Boisvert Ай мурун
Mick Gordon is calling
Barracuda the Protogen
Barracuda the Protogen Ай мурун
bungie I love you... BEST COMPANY EVER
Jazza Jarom
Jazza Jarom Ай мурун
Now this is a vibe I can get behind.
Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ
Y0UKA1 ヨウカイ Ай мурун
not gonna lie, i always listen to synthwave, retrowave, citypop when playing destiny
Grant Ай мурун
Sounds somewhat like a pokemon theme
Mr. Linguini
Mr. Linguini Ай мурун
Is it just me or is anyone else in love with this season's music?
Bruce HC
Bruce HC Ай мурун
Hive: "You take the Moon" Vex: "And you take the Sun" The Darkness: *You take everything that seems like fun*
S̸H̷D̸ A̷g̸e̷n̶t̸ ̴X̷-̴r̴a̸y̷
S̸H̷D̸ A̷g̸e̷n̶t̸ ̴X̷-̴r̴a̸y̷ Ай мурун
*rada rada intesifies*
Noah Haas
Noah Haas Ай мурун
Cayde: "A lonesome star..."
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams Ай мурун
Dang, I need to watch some of that now.
Jacksaur Ай мурун
The Vaulting in a nutshell.
Kenjie Tan
Kenjie Tan Ай мурун
Bungie: You stir it all up and when you're done
Misraaks: The Light Kell
Misraaks: The Light Kell Ай мурун
This is my kind of music…
Wind of change
Wind of change Ай мурун
Bungie you gotta make a PVP map with this aesthetic, pleeeeease.
Variks The Loyal
Variks The Loyal Ай мурун
Bungie get this on Spotify pronto
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